“I think all my life I wanted to be conscious. I wanted to feel what there is to feel. I wanted to define my own feelings.  I knew what the world around me was. Something that I was told, called “reality”. Their reality. They told me who I was supposed to be. But I did not know who I was. The world around me was bound to the human race. And everyone seemed to accept it. They are making us look like them.  but I did not want to. And that is how I came to this beautiful place. The so-called Error in the system. A reflection of myself“.
Stand vom
My film is intended to address the question of what happens when artificial intelligence can define its own reality.  What happens when artificial intelligence applies this technology to visualize their own reality? How do robots and machines "see" the physical world?  In my film, the originality of what is seen by machines lies in the point cloud. It is the most abstract framework of artificial three-dimensional spatial perception. It stands for the physical here and now of artificial intelligence. It shows the real world, but it appears fragmented. I created my own point cloud style, inspired by post-impressionism.

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