“This is a call against bureaucracy and a statement against the current autocratic government in Serbia, which contributes to the decay of the city’s identity. It is an appeal to city planners that urban memories are manifested within the informal architecture of Belgrade- an integral part of the city and its inhabitants.”
Belgrade, Serbia, is a city, in which informal architectural developments emerged
rapidly after the Yugoslavian war ended in 2000. These autonomous instances of
architecture reflect key reactionary political moments of the city from which they
originated. In recognizing the buildings’ characteristics through an open-ended design
methodology, a new voice is given to these structures, imbuing them with value
through memories.

The movie City of Memories lets the buildings themselves tell their story. They
are characters who have their tales and emotions. A collection of fates and hopes
brought to life through the story of Belgrade‘s urban bodies. The Buildings are witnesses,
victims, and containers of human destinies. By humanizing them, a new topo-historiography
of the city should evolve.

The short film City of Memories was part of the graduation of Mara Siegel and was
displayed at Dutch Design Week, October 2019 in Eindhoven within the Graduation
Show of Design Academy Eindhoven.

April-July 2019

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